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Re: [IP] Observations after 12 days with Minimed 722

On Mon, 20 Nov 2006 23:00:02 -0500, you wrote:

>>Therefore when I leave for weekly trips I only 
>>bring one or two cartridges.  I feel my insulin is more active when such 
>>small amounts go on without being refrigerated.

Do you "feel" this, or do you have any actual recorded data to bear it out?
 supposedly, and at least in my experience, an unrefrigerated, but gently stored
 bottle of insulin (10ml) doesn't loose activity in the month or so it might
to use it up.

>>Honestly, it is hard to push it out, I have to use the end of a pencil to 
>>push on the cartridge rubber to let the insulin out.  It there anything 
>>wrong by doing this???

 I'd say the main problem is that the cartriges are often more expensive. Either
for you, or your insurance company.  By using them, you're spending more of
either your money, or the insurance companies.  Neither is a good thing if it's
not needed.  Just my opinion.  You're free to do this if you find it more
convenient.  The disease is inconvenient enough as it is, so if small changes
help you, then that's fine.  Just understand the downside.


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