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RE: [IP] insurance wooosss

>  Don't they realize you do test that often when you show them your log?
> Mine was dubious until I showed them my fingertips and they downloaded
> my meter readings.  Now all I have to do is get her to write the script
> correctly "Test glucose values 15-20 times daily" not use as directed
> with a note in the bottom area.  (The scripts are sent via computer to
> the pharmacy, so I never see it.)
> Betsy

Well.... here's the mantra...

Test in the morning when you get up, correct if necessary
Test before breakfast
Test 2 hrs post-prandial
Test before lunch
Test 2 hrs post prandial
Test before dinner
Test 2 hrs post prandial
.... that's 7 and we've not even gotten to the interesting part
Test when you feel low and every 30 minutes until bg's corrected
Test when you feel high and every hour until bg's come down
Test before driving or operating heavy machinery
  ... and every hour until you stop (FAA guidelines for private pilots)

none of this includes basal testing or meter/strip malfunctions

What the prescription should say:

xyz test strips
Test 10-12x /day   #7         ...(this means 7 days a week)

(depending on your refill frequency pick one of these)
    =60d x 5 rf
    =90d x 3rf
    =30d x 11rf


You may have to have the doctor send a letter with the "Test" 
instructions I've listed above. That's what I did for Lily and it 
solved the problem after months of haggling.

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