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RE: [IP] waterproof pump


I must be mistaken, if you are a type I diabetic even with an hours worth of
exercise like you say, your telling me that your BG levels would soar?  I
have an acquaintance from Minimed who is a type I, He swims in the ocean in
California.  He told me that he removes his pump but every 15 to 30 minutes
depending on his exercise level, he checks his BG levels and takes any
corrective action at that time.  Just my two cents worth, ok? I really don't
know since I am a type II.

Best Wishes, Mark
My personal experience is if I REMOVE my pump for 1 hr to exercise in the
pool and DO NOT replace the basal my B/S goes up over 200 and then takes
forever to come back down. 
It has taken me a while to figure ME out, but I only decrease 30% max and my
b/s is fairly stable then. 
Totally a YMMV thing here, with exercise I had to figure out what my body
does, and for the most part I have, it does still change occasionally
depending mostly on hormones :s
Thanks for your 2 cents worth though!
Tami in Tucson
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