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[IP] Re: Assumptions

Last Spring I had an `interesting phone conversation' with a `diabetes 
nurse' who worked with the company authorized to do diabetes education 
for the diabetic participants in my work's health insurance. As the 
conversation progressed I told her that I had had diabetes for nearly 45 
years (dx'd  in August 1958 about six weeks before my 11th birthday) and 
asked what experience in working with long-term type I diabetics. After 
giving me information about the qualifications of their staff, she 
mentioned that one type of diabetes might change into another even 
suggesting that a type 1 might become type 2 and no longer need insulin. 
I found that strange coming from someone who should know about diabetes 
more than the average medical care person. By the way I knew at the time 
that I have no detectable c-peptide; so unless research into beta cell 
neogenesis is successful or islet cell transpants become plentiful I 
will always be insulin dependent. I do think that because type 2 so much 
more prevalent than type 1 there may be no way to avoid the assumption 
of type 2 diabetes unless a medical record is there.
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