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[IP] Re: Pain Relievers


If you're facing long term pain med care - you may want to consider 
some other factors too.  Although like others, I'm not aware of any effect on
BG, they do have side effects that become more serious in long term (or
high dose) use.

NSAIDS: motrin, ibuprofen, aleve, others
These can cause kidney problems when used at high doses or for long term use.
A neighbor lady has back pain from a motorcycle accident - and now has
kidney disease from all of the NSAIDs given to her for her back.  Considering
diabetes already can set the stage for kidney disease, NSAIDs IMHO should be
avoided unless absolutely needed, and then only the least that is needed.

Anti-clotting effect (may, or may not be good - depending on other factors)
It is also considered a mild NSAID, but probably safe at low doses (?).

This stuff is finally getting the warnings is deserves!  Long term use of
this can cause liver failure.  Use if you drink alcohol makes that problem
more likely.  I myself know a woman who died from liver failure, because
she liked to take tylenol like candy, whenever she had some vague pain, or 
couldn't sleep - but NOT from an overdose.  Acetaminophen was a metabolite of 
phenacetin - which was taken off the market because it caused liver problems
(and maybe kidney too?).  Acetaminophen was thought to be the "safe" pain 
killer metabolite, without the bad side effects (guess they were wrong).....

Of course, your Dr should make the final decision - but make sure he is
competent, and knowledgable about your DM, drinking habits, etc!


Kevin WB0DPN
email @ redacted
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