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[IP] Re: endos

<I guess then I am strange or my doc is.
He is my regular doc AND my endo. He is board certified in both 
medicine and endocrinology.
He is very involved with my treatment.. He knows me, he knows my 
He has give me free range to increase or decrease my pump basel rates 
as I 
see fit>

 No, I don't think your situation is strange. My endos, including my new one,
give me free rein too. My new one just spent all that time going over my results
with me at first because I was a new patient and she probably felt she needed to
get to know me and learn that I was smart and could handle things myself first,
before turning me loose. Also, since I was having problems with my control due
to Humalog and improper basals, she needed to be more closely involved than she
would have otherwise. When we sat down together and I explained my results and
why I made adjustments in boluses, etc., she kept saying how impressed she was
with my problem solving ability, etc. I guess a lot of her patients can't figure
things out themselves or something. Although at first I resented her questions
and seeming lack of trust in me, I actually grew to like the fact that she took
the time to do all that and worked so closely with me when I needed it (which my
previous doctors didn't do). In !
  about it, I also realized it was good that when I was new to her and she
didn't know a thing about me, she made me prove myself to her, before giving me
free rein. To me that shows a really good, caring doctor. I also like the fact
than now that she knows me and things are improved, she gives me latitude to
make my own adjustments as needed. Pam
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