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[IP] waterproof pump

<<<<<<<< And as far as waterproof, it was a non issue to me.  Perhaps if
Loyld Bridges on Sea Hunt was a diabetic maybe but for most people, I
don't believe that they would swim with their pumps.  Besides with the
exercise you would be doing while swimming additional insulin would not
be an issue anyway>>>>>>>>>>>

This is another BIG YMMV thing because I don't swim often but have never
taken my pump off to swim (and I am no Lloyd bridges of Sea Hunt).  I
wouldn't want a pump that isn't waterproof or watertight or whatever
they are calling the ones it's ok to swim and shower and bathe with
nowadays.  I'm glad that it is possible for me to have that choice.


Deffinatly YMMV thing here! I go to aqua aerobics and am in the water for 1
hr and I need insulin, if I removed my pump my b/s would soar! I decrease my
basal 20-30% for 2 hrs when I go, depending on the intensity of the class. 
I did have to have one pump replaced because it got condensation in it, but
I am sooooo glad I got a waterproof animus pump.
When I first ordered my pump, waterproof was not a issue to me, having fewer
lows was my main criteria............plus I wanted my pump to look cool ;)
Tami in Tucson (I am finally back,yayyyyyyyyyyy I have a new computer)
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Diabetic since 1984
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