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Re: [IP] Pain Relievers

For me personally I use Motrin aka Advil aka Ibuprofen (ranges from 200 mg 
every 3 hours to 800 mg every 8 hours). But then YMMV.. for Pain decreases 
some peoples blood glucose, then again it also raises some people blood 
glucose readings (had surgery in June and my bg's were never above 110.. had 
home health here and the LVNA did my sugars when they were here and they 
were averaging around 55 to 60... and taking vicodin and/or percocet). But 
then again with acetylsalicylic acid aka aspirin
(aspirin inhibits the release of a hormonelike substance called 
prostaglandin. This chemical helps regulate blood vessel elasticity and 
changes the functioning of blood platelets. Thus aspirin can affect blood 
clotting and ease inflammation.).
So what ever you choose, only you can figure that one out, if it has a 
tendency to increase or decrease or keep the blood glucose variations that 
you have right now ***YMMV***

R. Leppanen

<<Scott, you mean LANTUS and Lispro (humalog)??>>

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