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[IP] Re: Assumptions

>Assumptions -- was RE: RE [IP] Re: Profile of kimberly johnson

Kathleen Said:
>Those of us who walk into a doctor's office, immediately get told that if 
>we lose weight, we'll be well.

It's not just people who are assumed to be Type 2, because they were dx'ed 
as adults.  I have Type 1, was dx'ed at the age of 7, and have many other 
auto-immune related diseases.  There are very few people who have guessed my 
age as anything other than being in my teen or early 20's (even though I'm 
close to "middle aged").  According to every medical proessional I've seen, 
I am slightly underweight for my height.  Every doctor I have ever seen 
knows all this.

Regardless of all those facts, I was told during a hospital stay that if I 
lost weight, diabetes would go away.

It's not just age, its not just weight.  Its the word "DIABETES".

Weird Jenn
email @ redacted

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