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RE: [IP] Re: cosmo or animas

I understand what you're saying, so I keep my pump in a cooler, locked
in my truck.

Antonio in Los Angeles
Dx Type 1 1993 @ Age 27
Paradigm 512

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> And as far as waterproof, it was a non issue to me.  Perhaps if Loyld
> Bridges on Sea Hunt was a diabetic maybe but for most people, I don't
> believe that they would swim with their pumps.  Besides with the
> you would be doing while swimming additional insulin would not be an
> anyway

ok.....I keep hearing from the MM contingent (I am sure I will get
for this but I have the flu and probably won't notice) that waterproof
is not
important and now not important to *most* people.....what do you do with
pump when you swim in the ocean or a crowded pool and don't have *Mom*
to sit
with it? do you just put it in the cooler like many have said and hope
no one
thirsty and takes the cooler? I just can't bring myself to leave that
expensive of a piece of equipment *unguarded* anymore that I would leave
(although it would have much less).....just curious.........crawling
back in
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