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RE: [IP] Re: assumptions

>That's a good analogy Marsha, I am a type II and have been since the late
>1980's.  I have always required some type of medication, and I went from
>this to that until I was finally on insulin full time.  That is when I
>decided to go on the pump.  I have had so much better control since then, I
>doubt if I will ever quit using the pump.  Insulin is however a growth
>hormone and it will indeed be interesting to see how my weight does after
>the first of the year (of course) when I start exercising.  Two years ago
>when on oral meds alone, I dropped from 250 to 205 and felt great.  The
>stated me on insulin go figure.  But I think insulin will be the drug of
>choice from now on unless something happens but I seem to get more and more
>insulin resistant.  The 300 hundred unit reservoirs get through a three day
>infusion set change as long as I watch my carb intake.
>Mark Thomas

Mark, hoping that you can keep that insulin usage figure down, but if 
not, Disetronic has pumps that can handle larger amounts than most 
other infusion pumps available.  Take a look in particular at the 
Panomat V10, a pump with a 10 ml capacity as opposed to the standard 
3 ml we have in pumps.


For those whose insulin usage does not fit the pattern for standard 
Insulin Pumps, this is the best alternative if you don't want to deal 
with U-500.

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