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Re: [IP] endos and CDE's

I guess then I am strange or my doc is.
He is my regular doc AND my endo. He is board certified in both internal 
medicine and endocrinology.
He is very involved with my treatment.. He knows me, he knows my diabetes.
He has give me free range to increase or decrease my pump basel rates as I 
see fit (he did on the shots too), but if it needs to happen, I have to 
either fax or email him that I did it, and what the reasoning was behind it. 
We also have a agreement to schedule a appt to disscus the reason behind the 
increase or decrease of basel rates (or the amt of the injections when I was 
on them - been a pumper less than a month so far, and loving it).
My CDE is equally responsive as my doc.. She helps me if I need it and is 
very knowlageable in pumps (she is a trainer for Animas, Deltec and 
MiniMed). She likes that I email her my readings weekly (and has since I met 
her 5 almost 6 years ago) so we can go over them.. on the phone or inperson 
(my doc has given full okay for me to see her when needed and for as often 
as I need to.. per insurance restrictions, he has to fill out the paperwork 
every 3 months which he does). Say, If I run out of infussion sets before I 
think that I should, and I need them, I can order them from the company, 
call her and let her know that I am out, or I want to try a new kind or 
version, she will offer what she has for me to use or try...
My doc has Letters of Medical Necessities into both Disetronic and MiniMed 
for their infussion sets (disetronic for everything) just incase I want to 
switch out.. or back... :)

R. Leppanen

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