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[IP] Re: numb lips

Hi Julie,

Yes indeedy, numb lips. Why, my lips are numb right now, come to think of 
it, because I treated a mild low a half hour ago. Around my mouth I get 
really pale, even paler than the rest of my face, too. I have always had 
this symptom and kind of like it...it never happens because I'm feeling 
anxious, have drunk coffee, or am feeling buzzed from intense exercise, or 
am high, or running a fever, or other things that can fake me out and make 
me think I'm low. It's a nice accurate sign. Sometimes the whole lower half 
of my face is numb, and recently even my forehead gets numb too sometimes. 
Weird, huh? OK, now WHY does it happen?

Laura G.

At 09:20 AM 11/28/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>Just has a hypo episode and this time- for the first time ever- my lips and
>tongue are numb!  Like I just went to the dentist and the novocain is
>wearing off, or like when feet fall asleep only it's my mouth.  Does this
>happen to other people?  It wasn't one of the first "oh I'm low" symptoms,
>but after I treated and it progressed, about the same time I started
>sweating, I noticed it.  Is it normal to get "new" symptoms?  Now I have to
>figure out how to eat a snack with numb lips :)
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