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RE: [IP] MM 512 cost

I'm with George.  I like the Fastdraw design of the Ultra test strips.
I don't believe I should have to modify the bleeding habits I've used
for 10 years of BG testing, just to get the $*!@# BD "Logic" meter to
work.  Ridiculous.  It definitely does not perform as warranted, and I'm
EXPECTING a full refund back from MM for the fee to "upgrade" from the
511 to 512 (which it wasn't).  They also didn't inform me that they did
not have a belt clipped that matched the 512, since they changed the
color of the pump case without telling anyone.  I'm so sick of them and
of hearing about the crappy BD meter they push off on everyone.  Give me
a break!

Antonio in Los Angeles
Dx Type 1 1993 @ Age 27
Paradigm 512, soon hopefully to be back to the 511

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>You know George that was almost true with my other glucometer.  I have
>many lancets available for it that it was getting to be a storage
>But really with the BD Logic, it really does make a difference and when
>went on the pump and have to check my BG before and after every meal as
>as in the morning and before bedtime, my poor fingers need a break.
>Mark Thomas, fun away, let's keep this forum uplifted ok???

Sounds good Mark.  Just as long as you don't repeat my "change your 
lancet" message more than 4-8 times a day!   ;>p

I was using the Therasense Tracker, but liked the visual confirmation 
that you get with the Ultra strips, so have switched back to them.  I 
like the volume required on the Therasense, but the volume required 
by the Ultras usually poses no problem for me.  I mean if you can't 
bleed a 1 micro-liter drop, then how will you ever be able to donate 
a pint at the blood bank?    ;>)

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