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RE: [IP] MM 512 cost

>You know George that was almost true with my other glucometer.  I have soo
>many lancets available for it that it was getting to be a storage problem
>But really with the BD Logic, it really does make a difference and when I
>went on the pump and have to check my BG before and after every meal as well
>as in the morning and before bedtime, my poor fingers need a break.
>Mark Thomas, fun away, let's keep this forum uplifted ok???

Sounds good Mark.  Just as long as you don't repeat my "change your 
lancet" message more than 4-8 times a day!   ;>p

I was using the Therasense Tracker, but liked the visual confirmation 
that you get with the Ultra strips, so have switched back to them.  I 
like the volume required on the Therasense, but the volume required 
by the Ultras usually poses no problem for me.  I mean if you can't 
bleed a 1 micro-liter drop, then how will you ever be able to donate 
a pint at the blood bank?    ;>)

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