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RE: [IP] cozmo or animas?


Looks like you really did your home work on the pumps.  I have the Minimed.
And with the exception of the E3 issues they are really with BD and not
Minimed and I have almost completely eliminated those with proper technique.
And as far as waterproof, it was a non issue to me.  Perhaps if Loyld
Bridges on Sea Hunt was a diabetic maybe but for most people, I don't
believe that they would swim with their pumps.  Besides with the exercise
you would be doing while swimming additional insulin would not be an issue

Good Luck, Mark Thomas, Edmond Oklahoma

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Jeff and Colleen,

I respond to you in the most humble sense since I am not currently a
pumper but would like to get started in the next few months. As you read
my response remember that my "pre-Newbie" perspective may not match that
of an experienced pumper such as yourself. I am where every pumper
starts their journey (no allegiances to any manufacturer) so hopefully I
can provide an unbiased opinion.

I too have also narrowed my choices to Cozmo and Animas. My Endo
recommended MiniMed, but after reading the feedback on this site (not
waterproof,  proprietary infusion sets, no computer software, relatively
short battery life, 8 hour duration for Humalog Insulin on Board,
Customer Service issues and E3 errors on the meter), I have eliminated
them from consideration.

Going from 36 years of MDI one of my biggest considerations is I don't
want the pump to make a big announcement to the world that I started
pumping, so the "inconspicuous beeper style pumps" appeal to me.  I feel
that the Animas design accommodates this better than the "cell phone"
look of the Cozmo. I have seen the Cozmo worn horizontally but due to
its thickness and shape it looks awkward in my opinion. The upcoming
Cozmore pump which adds a blood glucose meter, while adding convenience
thickens the pump further.  Being an experienced pumper, inconspicuous
may be way down on your list of priorities and I respect that you like
the Cozmo look. As for me, I already wear a PDA on my belt along with a
cell phone. I feel the Cozmo would make it look as if I was wearing 2
cell phones. IMO the Animas in a leather case looks like it would almost
disappear on my belt.

The Animas 1200 took a technical leap over the Cozmo for Basal and Bolus
increments. Animas can do .025 units and Cozmo .05 units. I feel this
will allow me to fine tune my control more accurately. I expect Deltec
as well as the other manufacturers to catch up on this feature within
the next year but I need a pump now.

I also hear that the alarms on the Cozmo are at times difficult to hear.
On the recent Deltec chat this week, the representative said there were
no plans to increase the alarm volume. I was told that you can adjust
the alarm volume on the Animas 1200.

If you use much over 50 units insulin a day the 200 unit capacity of the
Animas may not suit your needs. The Cozmo holds 300 units. I use between
50 and 60 units a day but expect this to drop slightly once I begin
pumping. My "newbie" perspective is the 200 unit capacity is a trade off
to help the inconspicuous factor. I am told that changing reservoirs is
not a big deal and the pumps have alarms to warn me when the insulin is
getting low. For me it comes down to changing every 3 - 4 days or 5 - 6
days. I don't see it as a problem but I may be kicking myself in a few
months. I also feel the 200 unit reservoir allows me to change out the
insulin more frequently during hot summer days and cold winter days. I
can't help but think that there is some potency degradation when insulin
is exposed to temperature extremes, so more frequent change outs I feel
would help maintain insulin potency.  YMMV

Soon to be a pumper.

Best Regards,

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