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[IP] Re: basals and boluses/Relationship with one's doctor

Laura wrote:

>I'm starting to realize from Pam's post here, and many others
>on this fantastic list, that some endos actually help you manage the
>details of your diabetes care. Wow! And a CDE is a creature I've never once
>met. So you guys are spurring me on to look around for some detailed
>support. Asking for help when you need it, what a concept. Thanks for
>letting me think out loud. Anyone want to share details of what their
>endo/CDE does at the office visit?
>Laura G.

My endo pretty much gives me free rein with my pump and diabetes care.  He 
mostly takes care of all the tests -- A1c, cholesterol, etc. -- and lets me 
take care of the day to day living with diabetes.  I like that.  Being an 
independent, strong-willed person, I like that I don't feel like there's 
someone looking over my shoulder to see what I'm doing all the time.  If I 
need help, he gives it, if not he lets me be.  He answers my questions when 
I ask them.  As far as CDEs go, I saw one when I trained for my pump, 
haven't seen her since except to say "hi" at the endo's office.  If I have 
a problem, she's there for me to help me work it out, if not, then I never 
see her.

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