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[IP] Re: good endos and CDEs

 There is definitely a wide variety of endos and CDEs out there. My first endo
was just like the description below - didn't even look at my log books or care
that my A1Cs were running in the 8's and 9's due to what I later discovered was
a sensitivity to infused Humalog. The CDEs at that clinic were okay, but
couldn't solve my problem either. That's why I switched to a whole new diabetes
team. My new CDE is fantastic, she's on the pump herself, and is incredibly
knowledgable. She pointed out problems with my techniques such as having my
infusion set in a spot where there is a natural skin fold when I sit or bend
over, etc. At the same time, my new endo is great too. She doesn't just do the
physical exam, but sits down with me and looks through my log book side by side
with me, having me explain my numbers to her, tell her why I took a particular
bolus amount, etc. She's the one that restructured my whole basal rate/bolus
ratio with great results. My first visit with her was a!
 n hour,
  the second and third ones were half hour each. Now that I have things under
control, I don't have to see her for three months. Maybe that visit will be
shorter because we don't have to work out these major issues, I'll see. Anyway,
seeing the difference between this team (who is at UCSF, a major university
teaching and research center), and my previous team who was just at a regional
hospital, is incredible. If you're having any problems at all, it's definitely
worth shopping around for a top notch team. Even before I started having
problems two years ago due to the Humalog issue, and back when I had yet a
different endo in a different city, I wasn't getting the same level of attention
as I am from my current team. I was doing pretty well and got pretty complacent,
thinking I knew everything and could manage on my own fine. Like someone posted,
my endo was a wonderful person and very up-to-date, but he wasn't scrutinizing
my results and I was bouncing around a lot even thou!
 gh my
  A!C's were good. So finding an endo like my new one seems to be pretty rare,
but worth it. I'm sure they exist elsewhere, or you may just need to be
proactive and tell your current endo that you need help in the fine tuning. That
may be all it takes. Pam

<My Endo is just about 100 percent uninvolved, though to his credit he 
got me a
pump. He is the third one I have seen who spends about five minutes, 
knows not
much about pumps, and sends me on my merry way. I get one instant A1C, 
occasional foot check and a blood test requisition for whatever is 
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