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Re: [IP] MM 712?

At 08:14 AM 11/28/2003, you wrote:
>Anyone have a Minimed 712?  My doc says she wants me to get one because my
>508 is pretty old and they never did get around to sending my paradigm
>upgrade.  She didn't tell me much about it just gave me a booklet which also
>doesn't say much, and a 512 video (not sure why).  I'd love to hear what you
>like or don't like about it.  You can email me privately if you want.

I have my 712 sitting in my box waiting for Wednesday..  The 712 and 512 
are the same pump except for a few things:

1.  712 has a 300 unit capacity

2.  you can use a used battery  (not recommended) but you will get a "weak 
Batt." alarm

3.  a few other things but I can't remember it now.

My first choice was the Cozmo but insurance did not want to play...

Brian Carter
ICQ # 27217438
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