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RE: [IP] new hypo symptoms?

Julie:  You are not alone!  This was something I had heard about but never
experienced it until a few years ago.  I've had diabetes for about 14 years
and never encountered this until around year 11.  I'm not sure if it is
something that effects all diabetics or not.  It seems to happen (to me
anyway) on those lows that I do not catch right away.  I also have a LOT of
lows.  7-10 lows a week is not unusual at all for me.  (* but my h1a is
always less than 7.0 ha-ha)  This is one of the main reasons I want to start
using a pump.  

The numbness is extremely irritating and you are right--it does seem to
progress even after the low is treated and my BG is back in normal range.
It also tends to last for several hours.  I experience this maybe once or
twice a month.  Do you notice it effects your taste buds too?

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Just has a hypo episode and this time- for the first time ever- my lips and
tongue are numb!  Like I just went to the dentist and the novocain is
wearing off, or like when feet fall asleep only it's my mouth.  Does this
happen to other people?  It wasn't one of the first "oh I'm low" symptoms,
but after I treated and it progressed, about the same time I started
sweating, I noticed it.  Is it normal to get "new" symptoms?  Now I have to
figure out how to eat a snack with numb lips :) Julie
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