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[IP] RE: basals and boluses/Relationship with one's doctor

 --- On Thu 11/27, Laura Shapiro < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: Laura Shapiro [mailto: email @ redacted]To: email @ redacted:
Thu, 27 Nov 2003 13:07:43 -0700Subject: [IP] RE: basals and boluses/Relationship
with one's doctorMy Endo is just about 100 percent uninvolved, though to his
credit he got me apump. He is the third one I have seen who spends about five
minutes, knows notmuch about pumps, and sends me on my merry way. I get one
instant A1C, anoccasional foot check and a blood test requisition for whatever
is necessary.The CDE Animas sent me for training was without a doubt the best,
mostinformed person I ever worked with and I owe her a world of gratitude.
 While I will agree that the CDE that I have as my Animas trainer is tops, I
have to disagree in general with the rest of y'all. I've been very lucky, I
guess :)
 I've only seen two endos, one in Columbia, MO and he did a full visit and then
told me that my primary and I were doing fine with the care of my diabetes. The
ONLY reason I saw him was that my insurance made a stink about it when we
changed over from one company to another. My current endo...well, I couldn't ASK
for a better one. He takes his time, listens to my concerns, looks at my log
books..at least the last 6 weeks of it. Knows quite a bit about pumps. Makes
sure I get the proper blood work. He doesn't worry about my feet cause he knows
I also see a neuro on a very regular basis and that HE checks my feet. My
shortest appt has been 30 mins with him. He was even the one who taught me how
to give myself shots when I first saw him and went to insulin. He didn't turn me
over to a nurse or someone but taught me himself.
 Whenever, I call his office with a question, I know I will have an answer that
day...it may be late in the day but I will have it. He has been known to call me
as late as 6:30 to answer a question that I called about at 9 that morning if it
was important but not critical. If it's critical, he will call me as soon as he
is between patients.
 My Animas trainer is the ONLY CDE I have ever had that has been worth her
creditials. My first CDE was too busy trying to tell me that I HAD to eat
following the exchange program (I have PCOS and have to count carbs) and that at
5' 4" I HAD to weigh 126 lbs, even tho my doctor agreed 160 was better for me.
The ONLY good I got out of her sessions were portions sizes and I could have
done that without HER. My second one was as bad but she wasn't trying to shove
my *weight* down my throat and I knew enough by then to *quote the ADA party
line on exchange diets* instead of counting carbs. Now, I can mention counting
carbs and not get yelled at.
My .02 worth. Liz

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