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RE: [IP] Re: basals and boluses/Relationship with one's doctor

>"And a CDE is a creature I've never once
>met. So you guys are spurring me on to look around for some detailed
>support. Asking for help when you need it, what a concept. Thanks for
>letting me think out loud. Anyone want to share details of what their
>endo/CDE does at the office visit?"

my experience (Not anything but My Own experience) has been: my CDE's, are 
Masters and a Wiz's .
They are the only ones responsible for setting me up, and figuring out all 
my needs. they trained me on the pump, pumping in general, and carb 
counting, and what to do, with those carbs...
They are the ONLY ONE i trust, when i comes to pumping (and, as a mater of 
fact, the lantus, and huma/novo log program as well)

My doctor (an endo), is just fine, for examining me, and attempting to keep 
me alive, but, i wouldnt make any adjustments, without checking with 
consulting my CDE's first.
(it was my CDEs, that suggested i consider pumping..... do i love Them or 
WHAT ??????????????????)

Your Experiences (and Feelings) May Differ

Carb Out All, and have a wonderful holiday !!!!!
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