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Re: [IP] cozmo or animas?

Hi Colleen,

Like you, i hesitated over whether or not i had the "right" to consider
how my pump looked.  It was part of my decision years ago when i was
choosing between minimed and disetronic.  I just really didn't like the
way the D-tron or H-tron looked.  I thought i was being really shallow
by thinking this, but the i realised that if i have to live with this
thing attached to me 24/7, then i better like the way it looks!!  I
also pretty much dismissed the Animas on this time around because of
the look of it.  Though the IR1200 does look much better, it is still
not as nice as Cozmo in my oppinion.

And besides the look, even within the new generation of pumps coming
out (512/712/IR1200) I still think that Cozmo is the one that you can
personalize the most.  And it is only getting better with the
Cozmonitor that should be out in the next 5 months or so in the US (and
for me, hopefully within the year outside of the US).  Deltec is also
making all software upgrades free to Cozmo users.

Cozmo is as waterproof as Animas without having to fiddle with any
spare parts.  The one thing that Animas does have is lots of pouches
and accessories for carrying your pump.  But i make those myself

Good luck in making the decision and congrats on your pregnancy!  I
hope all goes well now that you are in the last few weeks!

Paris France
type 1 since march'97
pumping since dec'00
Cozmo since aug'03

>I know this subject has been covered before (I've already searched the
>archives), but it never hurts to get a fresh take on something.

 >I'm getting a new pump (my warrantee runs out Friday on my 508), and
>narrowed my choices down to an Animas IR 1000 (to be upgraded to a
1200 next
>summer) or a Cozmo. George was very persuasive about the new Animas,
so I went
>ahead and ordered an IR 1000 before trying it since the sales rep told
me that I
>could easily return it w/in 30 days. It's coming today! But the Cozmo
is very
>appealing, and now I'm having second thoughts. Seems like they are
ahead of
>everyone else on software and the stylish, small design. OK, truth is,
I really
>like how it looks.

>Can anyone who has tried both tell me which you decided on, and why?  

>Thank you!
>33 1/2 wks pregnant!

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