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For those members in the US or other areas who observe this holiday I wanted 
to send out a warm HAPPY THANKSGIVING message.  As this day is set aside to 
remember those things that we are truly thankful for, I just want to go on 
 record to say that I am EXTREMELY thankful for this list, Michael who works
hard to
maintain the aging equipment and tries to keep things running 
 smoothly-despite the weather!!! And to all of the volunteers who put in their
own time to
make this list the wonderful place it is.

Anyway from my heart to yours.....THANK YOU!  You are truly a blessing and I 
am thankful for each and every day of the year.

And for the record...I'm a BIG support...$$$$... of this list because I can 
and am willing to do so.  I hope it is enough to help those who can't.  I've 
been there too!!!

mom to Joshua who turns 12 in a few weeks and celebrates 4 years pumping
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