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[IP] re: Animas v. cosmo


I've never written to this group before, and hope your question is a sincere
one, not meant to start a pump war.

I am very active, work a very physical job, get wet a lot, am around a lot of
transmitting electronics, and personally get "zapped" with static electricity
more than most people.  So, YMMV..

I spent three hours playing with three pumps, the MM512, the Cozmo, and the
Aniamas IR1000, and read each of the owners manuals from cover to cover.  The
CDE showing me the three gave no opinion as to the choosing of the pump.  She
did say that she was certain that which ever pump I chose, I would be happy
with it, as they are all quality products.

I went with an Animas pump for a couple of "hardware" reasons, in spite of
the fact that the IR1000 seemed to be behind in the software.  I knew the new
pump would update the software issues, so I chose the pump whose hardware won
over.  Animas assured me that the specific software issues I asked them about
would be in the 1200.

1)  Of the three pumps I looked at, the MM512, Cozmo, and Animas, I had to
eliminate the first because of the waterproof issues.  Although the company
verbally told me they would still warranty the pump if it got wet, what I had
received in writing said the pump was not waterproof, and I didn't want to get
into warranty arguments when I drowned my pump.  (That was my primary reason,
though companies that develop proprietary attachments without a specific
in creating a better idea lose points in my book.)

2)  Animas seemed to be more concerned with electronic transmission issues
and static electricity issues; at least I was able to find where they

3)  Animas seemed to be the one pump company that didn't add the belt clip as
an after thought.  The clip screws directly into the pump.  I'm hoping that
continues on the 1200.  Leather carrier cases and holsters don't cut it with

4)  Animas IR1000 is a lot thinner than the Cozmo.  Although I usually use
the clip, the Cozmo looked thicker than I wanted to put in my pocket.

5)  I have a job that keeps me away from stores (for things like batteries.) 
While the AAA's are readily available at stores, I have had occasion that
pre-packaged batteries don't have the shelf life they're stamped to have. 
Although the 357's are a little smaller to handle for changing, I've never
opened a
"watch-style" battery that had significantly lower voltage than what it was
rated for.  (yes, I do check batteries on a multi-meter)  I did like the fact
that the Cozmo will let you put in a "less than new" battery.  I'm six weeks
into my first set of batteries... I like the long battery life!

6)  I like the fact that you can not pull the Animas plunger out too far when
loading the resevoir.

7)  I like the way the audio bolus works.  (In spite of a pump trainer saying
she couldn't imagine ever using a feature like that... eating snacks in the
dark when I'm not wanting to lose my night vision, I don't have to stop what
I'm doing to see to bolus.)

8)  I like the storage capacity of the pump history... just wish it had the
bG info stored with it.  Don't know if the 1200 stores input-ted bGs.

9)  I like a quiet pump.  (The pumping, not the alarms!)

10)  The IR1000 has a smaller font (a negative thing for me) than the Cozmo,
BUT, that is supposed to be bigger on the 1200.

11)  Speaking of font, MM512 owners manual has the greatest font! easiest to
read! wish the others would do that.

I tried NOT to address software stuff... carb boluses, settings, etc.  or the
comments I see the most, but maybe some that don't get mentioned as often.

Linda Vanaman

Age 43, diagnosed1969, pumping since October 10, 2003, and wondering why I
didn't do this years ago...
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