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[IP] don't know if this went to the list but resending it again rant about UHC

All of sudden they are deciding not to cover my pump supplies from Sept.
25, 2003 so I called them last week and argued with them over the phone
for 45 minutes and then that rep spoke to a supervisor and said it was
covered and will be reprocessed. ok checked their website today and again
is now saying its a prescription and should not be put through as a DME.
Then they checked and now saying they will only cover the infusion sets
and nothing else. They are now saying that all others are disposable
medical and is not covered and I said since when?  My policy has not
changed as of yet and will be on Dec 15th.  so whats the problem - I
think they are trying to reclassify all the claims as I was covered all
along since Jan of 2001.  Now they are doing a review of my policy to see
what should be covered and meanwhile I was short one box each of the
infusion sets and cartridges in my las! t order so must refill within 2
weeks.   they also rejected my Keytons strips as they classified that the
same as glucose strips and I must order one or the other - so meanwhile I
have no income and can't afford to pay for all this stuff and I should
not have to since this has been covered all along.  Now if none of this
is covered why would I bother paying for COBRA and wast my money? thanks
for letting me vent but I will fight them all the way to the end.



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