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[IP] Re: basal rates

 By all means, you should try lowering your basals and increasing your boluses.
I too was doing what you were doing, using higher basals to cover part of my
meals. Same thing as you - it was a problem if I skipped a meal, exercised,
etc., plus my post meal blood sugars would be really high and then drop later. I
always thought I was brittle. Last summer I changed to a great new endo, and the
first thing she did was significantly lower my basals and increase my bolus
ratios. I was skeptical at first because she lowered my basals by .1 to .2 units
depending on the time of day, and changed my insulin to carb ratio from 1:12 to
1:8. Well, actually, that was the final result after a week or two of trial and
error with different ratios. Anyway, the new plan works great. I have the most
stable blood sugars I've had in years. One day I started at 136, was 144 two
hours after breakfast, was 137 before lunch, and continued like that all day
long. Old habits die hard though and sometime!
 s I still
  have a hard time taking such a big bolus for my meal. For some reason it just
seems bad to me to take more insulin as a bolus, even though it's not. Also, I
found that whereas before I could have a few nibbles to eat a while after a meal
without needing more insulin, now I have to take an additional bolus for every
single bite of food. However, rather than the 1:8 meal ratio, I use 1:10 for
between meal snacks, since some of the meal bolus is still working. I also
definitely need to use the square or dual wave feature for high fat or high
protein meals, which I didn't need to do much before. It's all worth it though,
so I strongly encourage you to experiment until you get the right rates. After
all, this kind of flexibility is why you're on the pump. Contact me offlist if
you have other questions. Pam, dx'd 1989 age 33, pumping 10 years

<I also believe that this extra basal insulin is causing me be overly 
and have gained weight (about 20 lbs in the 3.5 years I've been 
pumping) but 
every time I try to lower lower my basals, I see higher numbers.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions, I'd love to hear them.>
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