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RE: [IP] MM 512 cost


I am upset at this as well.  I got my 512 upgrade on November 3, just
days before they announced the price reduction.  I do a lot of
electronics shopping so I am very aware that if you buy something and
the price goes down within 30 days, at most of the major electronics
retailers, they will refund the difference without question.  I believe
MM should do the same.

I tried a phone call requesting this and that went nowhere.  So I left a
voice mail for the person's supervisor and that went unreturned.

Ultimately, I decided that I wasn't happy with the features provided by
the upgrade anyway so I decided to return it for a refund of the $450
and get the 511 back.  I researched California law, and this is what it
says about returns and refunds.  Following is a quote from the letter I
sent via Certified Mail, requesting the exchange and refund:  

California law says that a seller of goods must inform the buyer of it's
return policy.  MiniMed never did this.  In the absence of this
notification, the seller must allow a return within a 30 day period.
However, regardless of the seller's return policy, if a product does not
perform as warranted by the seller, then the buyer must accept the
product back for refund.

In the letter I explain that 2 of the features do not work as warranted.
The Bolus Wizard does not accurately count insulin remaining to be used.
As confirmed by a MM representative, it is over conservative for the
protection of the user.  (I don't need to be protected.  I need
accuracy!)  Also, as you have probably read here, the BD meter does not
work well with the meter.

If you want a copy of the letter, I would be happy to forward it to you
off-list.  If anyone is interested in the follow-up to this story,
please post here and I will keep you informed.

I would suggest that you deal with MiniMed via Certified Mail.  You can
call and ask the operator for the names and addresses of various
department heads, and their phone numbers.  I have 2 of the names of the
people involved in returns, and 1 who is involved in the waterproof

FWIW, I'm also working on getting a Nipro Amigo by the end of the year.
I'll definitely be posting on that if I get it.

Antonio in Los Angeles
Dx Type 1 1993 @ Age 27
Paradigm 512

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Am I the only one upset that it cost me $450 less than 2 months ago to
upgrade to a 512 and now only cost $299?  On top of that still the water
issue which I have not gotten any satisfaction from and they have
the 712 with larger resv. (which I could really use) and all the E3
on this meter.  Grrrr
Sharon (dx Type 1 09/00 pumping since 01/03)
Nabs (MM512 09/03)
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