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Re: [IP] MM 512 cost

I'm not having a good day.  

Just to let everyone know, I did contact Minimed about their $299 special. 
This is what I sent them.  Of course it may sound childish, I but I was angry 
and did not really care how it sounded, I just wanted to ruffle someones 
Happy reading:

First of all, I'm a very dissapointed with the BD Logic meter, I have gotten 
so many error messages using this thing.  I paid $450 for the upgrade, the 
 pump is great, it has help me out alot, but for the meter, what a waste, I have
used so many test strips up, becuase of an E-3 message.  I don't know what to 
do, I have 600 test strips for this thing, and most of the time it does not 
 work properly. Now I find out the upgrade is only $299, . This is not fair at
all, I spend a lot of money for my supplies and I feel like I have been taken. 
Big time. It does no one any good to offer a special like that, it only upsets 
those who paid the full price of $450, and are stuck with an inferior glucose 
meter.  And you know the meter is nothing but trouble. Nastacha Johnson
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