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[IP] basal vs bolus insulin

A couple posts lately have regarded his basal percentages and the people say
they good get A1C when then eat regular, etc. but lows if they don't eat on
time.  The main reason I got my pump was so that I could "eat when I wanted"
and not have to chase insulin.  I would think that the basals need to be
lowered if you are "having" to eat on a regular basis while pumping.  After
vigilant fasting/testing i have alway been under the impression you should be
able to go all day on just basals with no food at all and hopefully stay
between 80 and 120 (as long as it is your "normal" day exercise wise, etc).
This has always been my goal; I could never fast before the pump without
actually getting sick and vomiting; but after so much practice of fasting to
get my basals right, it seems to be fairly easy now to go without food to
check basals. I think I have "tricked" my mind into thinking the fasting is
some sort of a "game" and somehow by playing the "game" with yourself and
trying to win it doesn't even seem to bother me to fast anymore.
I am probably weird - but I think if you somehow turn things like "fasting"
into some sort of "game", etc. to play with yourself it sure seems to make
things go better.  (Obviously this wouldn't work if you were a parent trying
to get a kid to fast - but for us adults it can sure make things more
interesting than just "plain fasting").
Happy Turkey Day!
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