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[IP] Funny/scary thing that happened yesterday with food labels

Hello fellow pumpers and PoP:

Since we were talking about food labels I thought I would share what
happened yesterday.

I was feeling like a snack and at my work we bring all sorts of food to
share(pretzels, chocolates, candy, cookies, cakes, donuts, etc.) and set
them up to share with everyone.  Well, our cubi-group of four was out of
pretzels so I went to our co-worker's cubi and grabbed a handful.  I looked
at the label and it said 5 pretzels make 21g.

I went to my desk and counted how many I had.  I had 12 total (they were the
small twisty-round kind).  Something felt wrong since the pieces were so
small that, had I not looked at the label, I would have guessed the whole
handful was ~25 grams vs. the 50g the calculation showed.  I was in hurry so
I just went with the label.

Needless to say that I got a bad low.  At the time, I just could not believe
since I had not guess and actually used the label.

Well, after thinking and thinking, I remembered that not too long ago our
co-workers had the bigger pretzels and that more than likely they just
dumped a new bag into the old bin.  Long story short, never go by the label
alone, always use the common sense God gave you to make the final decision.
It took 1.5 airheads plus disconnecting for >1hour to bring me back to
normal.  It seems to me that now that I have been pumping for almos 1.5
years, that I am becoming a bit more lax (although my A1cs are still under 6
-but I do not record nor I am as carefull as before.)

It has been a long time since I have a real low like that - Not fun
especially when it could have been so easily avoided!!!!! Not like the NPH
lows that were so difficult to control for me.

Well, happy pumping and make sure to bring extra insulin for your
festivities tomorrow and for those with the option remember to use the
square bolus for those high fatty casseroles and pies!!!!! It is interesting
for me to see how much my TDI increases on special days sometimes by 10 to
15 units!

dx'd T1 2/11/02 pumping (MM's Paradigm 511) June'02
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