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Re: [IP] Testing for Type 1 versus Type 2

Hi Margo,

Antibody testing can be useful as well, though the accuracy may depend
on how long ago this person was diagnosed with diabetes.  The closer to
the time of diagnosis, the more accurate these will be.  The tests you
want to ask for are:
islet cell antibodies
anti-insulin antibodies
anti-GAD antibodies

The diagnosis of type of diabetes shouldn't be done by the government
or an insurance company.  See if this person's doctor can help out in
determining the correct diagnosis.  Lots of factors can be looked at
when the exact diagnosis is not clear, including age at diagnosis,
weight at diagnosis, symptoms prior to diagnosis, blood glucose level
at dignosis, presence of ketones and ketoacidosis at diagnosis, how
blood glucose levels are managed (both type of treatment and
effectiveness of this treatment).  None of the things on this list
prove by themselves what kind of diabetes it is, but you have to look
at the entire picture sometimes to put together an argument.

Paris, France
type 1 since 1997
Pumping since 2000
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>Can anyone tell me, besides a C-Peptide, what tests are involved in 
>determining Type 1 versus Type 2 diabetes? Seems the government wants 
>to turn a previously diagnosed Type 2 diabetic into a Type 1 and deny 
>benefits.  A friend of mine would appreciate this information and I 
>just know this is the place to come to get the information. Thanks 
>ahead of time.


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