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[IP] cozmo or animas?

 I know this subject has been covered before (I've already searched the
archives), but it never hurts to get a fresh take on something.

 I'm getting a new pump (my warrantee runs out Friday on my 508), and have
narrowed my choices down to an Animas IR 1000 (to be upgraded to a 1200 next
summer) or a Cozmo. George was very persuasive about the new Animas, so I went
ahead and ordered an IR 1000 before trying it since the sales rep told me that I
could easily return it w/in 30 days. It's coming today! But the Cozmo is very
appealing, and now I'm having second thoughts. Seems like they are ahead of
everyone else on software and the stylish, small design. OK, truth is, I really
like how it looks.

Can anyone who has tried both tell me which you decided on, and why?  

Thank you!
33 1/2 wks pregnant!
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