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[IP] Terminated due to Low

 My hd, Dave, was terminated last Friday. On Nov. 6th he was hypo unaware
(dropped to 34) and swore at another employee. Like so many diabetics, when he
drops low he is irritable, and sometimes aggressive. This other guy was rather
provoking him, and with his head messed up from the low, he said some rather
nasty things. Mind you he didn't threaten to whoop him, just said this guy was a
"lazy B$&tard and needs to do his job." Dave is a pretty sweet guy, but when low
does get rather testy. Anyway, he was taken to the office and fired Friday.
 Over the past 10 years, he has had several incidents where problems came up due
to his diabetes. Ambulance called once. Ambulance called and had to be revived
due to heart stopping. Supervisor sent him home when he was "low", he drove past
home, into Indy, hit two cars, and was found at convienience store by police.
Got into several arguements with another guy due to unexpected lows. (no write
ups due to that)
 Over the past year, he has learned more, and doing much better, due to the
pump. But he still has Lows. His job is very physical and he drops fast. He
checks his bg 12+ times a day.
 Another thing that I think they are upset about is this; For 9 years he has
been pretty much out of control with his bg numbers. When I met him a year and a
half ago, his average was 260, and 300's weren't uncommon. He had few lows then.
Over the last year we have worked so hard to bring his numbers down. But with
the better and tighter control he is having more frequent lows. Most aren't that
bad, and most he catches. But there are those times where he is unaware. We live
almost two hours from his work, and he doesn't drive if he is low in the
morning. Some days he misses. But they are covered under the FMLA at work. But I
think with the combination of things they just wanted him gone.
 When he isn't at work, it takes 4 men to do his job. He lifts a lot of weight
(by hand), bends, drives forklift, etc. Some days are much worse then others,
but he always works hard and is a perfectionest.
 Now we are hoping that he can get another job with good insurance to cover pump
supplies and Endo so he won't have to go back on MDI. Great Holiday this will
be! Does anyone have any suggestions...Please!
Mel & Dave (38yrs old, dx 20yrs, MM508 2yrs (learning how to use it 1 year) 

  Mel Sparrow  

email @ redacted


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