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Re: [IP]Insulin bad for the body?

Yeah!  My husband occasionally skips meals, too, or has them delayed!  I'm 
always amazed that his blood glucose levels stay so even, too!

I was getting my husband a substantial lunch after a funeral once, where one 
usually just has a little something, I believe!. . . .  One old codger said 
to another one in a nice  loud voice, "Someone is very hunger today! . . . 
Oh, dear!  Now, we can go to people's funerals and not get noticed!"

It helps to have a sense of humour!

> > At 2:00 AM +0000 11/16/03, Dianna Inkster wrote:
> > >The books say the diabetic will feel hunger for the first time in
> > >years.  That's what happened to my husband.  He started saying, "I'm
> > >hungry!"  I'd never heard him say that before.
> >
> >
> > The most enjoyable "Gestalt click" I had after starting the pump was
> > when I said "I'm not eating lunch today!"   Pumping gives you freedom
> > to eat when you want, and to NOT eat when you choose.
>LOL  I skipped dinner the day I went "live" with insulin in my pump. I was
>  tired, I wasn't hungry -- and it occurred to me I didn't *have to* eat! I
>every half hour, in amazement that my BGs were just kind of "sitting 
>Jan and ElvisToo
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