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Re: [IP] help this mama out please :))

> Chris -
>  <<I will be eating TV dinners (an awful thought to dieticians or
>  doctors) but
> all the nutritional information about the meal is right there!>>
>  Exactly why I send my kid to preschool with "uncrustables",
>  gogurts,
> "pudding-to-go", etc. All prepackaged with carb info right on the
> the packaging. 

First lesson: don't trust the labels. Stuff you make yourself will be 
far more accurate. Let's take something simple.... like a piece of 
bread. Looking at most packages you will find that one piece (..err.. 
sometimes 2) is 15 grams. Now... weigh the friggin piece of bread and 
you will find anywhere from a 25 - 50% deviation from the package 
information. What they say about carbs per unit weight is accurate, 
but the "piece" size is highly variable.

That's just one example of many that I could give you. Get three good 
books that have carb information.

1) fast food
2) common foods we eat
3) ingredients

Pumping Insulin has a good list in the back
Joy of Cooking has a good ingredients and SUBSTITUTION list
see the BOOKS page of the web site for many more.

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