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Re: [IP] help this mama out please :))

> Chris -
>  <<I will be eating TV dinners (an awful thought to dieticians or doctors)
> all the nutritional information about the meal is right there!>>
>  Exactly why I send my kid to preschool with "uncrustables", gogurts,
> "pudding-to-go", etc. All prepackaged with carb info right on the the
> The preschool teachers must think I'm a horrible mom who can't/won't cook
> make lunch for my kid. I don't care, the teachers don't have to guestimate
> carbs, it's there in front of them. (As long as he actually eats it!)
> Shelley

Thanks for the vindication/validation!  More than likely the preschool
personnel have no clue as to the individual nutritional information of the
meals they serve.  Sadly it will never get any better.  As someone who
taught at a middle school I found most school lunches were fat and carbs!
And since it was served from big bins, nobody even knew those nutritional
values either!

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