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[IP] Re: help this mama out please :))

Hi there,
When my daughter began pumping (just about to turn 7) I was supposed to
check her blood sugars twice during the night, at 2 am., 4 am and then upon
arising.  (I had 3 alarm clocks set for the times).  Only with this will you
see what is happening overnight.

Also, it is important in the first weeks to be careful and really accurately
count the carbohydrates.  Don't eat anything you are guessing about,
especially in the evening.  While we do this all the time now, we also pay
for it.  For example, that cookie really was about 23 carbs, rather than the
14 or so that I guessed it to be and Claire had one at lunch for two days in
a row, which meant that after school bgs were a mess last week.

Another possibility--how long was your child off of the long-acting insulins
when she started pumping?  Some of that hanging around might have kept bgs
lower for a day or two.  And she is also 11--perhaps she has a lot of
variable hormonal activity.  I know that this can really mess up my little
girl, right from the age of 8.

Anyhow, try to get the basals set as close as you can, and the bgs will get
better and more predictable.

Good luck!
Barbara, Mum of Claire 9
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