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Re: [IP] diabeasties over 50 years

In a message dated 11/24/2003 7:52:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
> I am very curious to know how many people  have had type one
> diabetese for a longer period of time than the 54 years I have had
> it and how long have they had it with the types of complications ?

The OVER24900 club listings show 8 of our members with diabetes for 
54 years or more. About 15% of the general membership has submitted 
data so conceivably there are about 50 list members that fall into 
this category.

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We have one member that's been pumping OVER 25 years and 17 over 20.

email @ redacted
As Michael has stated Join the 24900 club. I was at Joslin's annual meeting 
last week and asked how many 50 year medals have been awarded to date. They 
 started in 1973 with John Grant as the first. He died in 1997 one year from his
 75. There are now 2-75 year medalist alive at this time. The number is now over
2000 awarded since 1973. I am now one week from my 56th year I hope you have 
yours. If not send me a note off the list I may be able to help

    Roghr C (dx12/1/47 pm 5/7/00)
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