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[IP] basal rates

This brings out the heehee in me.  I'm still adjusting!I have been on a 
Disetronic H-tron since 5/02 (well, maybe a loaner before that--can't 
remember!) and get 3-4 perfect days, then possibly  "movement", stress, 
eating, changes in wind  happen and I get the highs, lows, not perfects
 Am Type 2, not auto-immune.  I do the best I can.  Oh, to be perfect...
Yes, I test alot, & print it out, there is no pattern.
I can bolus .5 increments, you can do .1, do you?
Different foods call for different bolus rates, as do different times of 
day, expected/unexpected activity, on&on&on with variables. YMMV    Linda K

>>I've been on the 511 since Sept 4, 03   I'm still adjusting :)
>>  How long does it take to get your basel rates adjusted ? 
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