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RE: [IP] help this mama out please :))

I'm not an expert, but the basals mean a lot to controlling BG's. Bring
those under control and a lot of these problems disappear. The CGMS 
(continuous glucose monitoring system) will definitely pinpoint where
The problems are and from there basals can be adjusted.

The same thing happened to me when I first went on the pump, after the
basals were adjusted they disappeared.


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> my daughter 11,went on the pump fri. and had perfect numbers in the
> hospital ( they keep you for 24 hours) then we get home and her
> numbers are high again, what am i doing wrong? why are they higher
> now? higher fat food? she also has extreme dawn phenomonon, where
> she goes to bed at 120 and wakes up at 300 or more, funny thing is
> in the hosp. she was perfect all night too. she comes 
>  home and the same cycle starts...... shes not sneaking that I know
>  of, anybody
> help........
> kel

High bg's in the morning many times indicate a low during the night. 
You need to have good basal profiles and a good understanding of how 
to set them and keep them regulated. Your CDE can help you with this 
and you can gain good insight and knowledge about this by reading the 
chapter in Pumping Insulin about setting basals and the HOWTO on the 
Insulin Pumpers web site at:

"HOWTO profle your BASAL RATES"

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