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RE: [IP] Educating the Public? Insulin Pills

At 09:11 AM 11/24/03, Len Lutz quoted and wrote:

>>People on two shots a day or even multiple injection therapy are confused by
>>the pump, you know!  Even some doctors probably don't prescribe it because
>>they think it's too technical.
>so are computers and cell phones, vcr, dvds, etc.....seems a number of 
>people are able to adapt, when presented with what they consider, to be a 
>more desirable alternative. (the time on My vcr, is still blinking)......

I have to agree with Len here.  People CAN be taught.  Even my 
technology-impaired hubby can handle using a cellphone now after 
training.  And since the advent of DVD, my VCR hasn't had the time set for 
well over a year.  ;o)

>AFAIC, going from 2 shots a day, to 4-6, was,.... a .... a blessing.....
>(it was the first time, in 46 years, i DID NOT have to eat.. YES,..that 
>WAS (IS) progress)
>"May i continue "rigamarolin'" for the next 53 years......

I have to say I'll do NO shots per day, thank you.  ;o)  I saw a friend 
yesterday who I haven't seen in awhile (since he moved up north) who's 
doing two shots of 70/30 per day (what???????, but he says it's working 
well for him).  He has read articles in the Forecast Magazine about pumps 
and he IS interested in one, I showed him mine and talked to him about 
it.  It's not the shots thing that he's wanting to get away from but he 
wants to get the "eating freedom" thing and bg stability.  He was amazed 
when I told him I could eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, or even 
NOT eat at all if the mood struck me.  He's going to talk to his doctor 
about it when he goes back home.

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