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RE: [IP] Educating the Public? Insulin Pills

>How many diabetics and caregivers of diabetics just can't be bothered with
>all the rigamarole that goes into the pump?

hey.... i cant deal with the rigamarole of having drive Myself, as opposed 
to having a private chauffeur drive me where ever i want to go.... BUT, 
considering the "unfortunate" position im in, it beats walking....

>People on two shots a day or even multiple injection therapy are confused by
>the pump, you know!  Even some doctors probably don't prescribe it because
>they think it's too technical.

so are computers and cell phones, vcr, dvds, etc.....seems a number of 
people are able to adapt, when presented with what they consider, to be a 
more desirable alternative. (the time on My vcr, is still blinking)......

>As a Canadian doctor said on a site last night:  Going from two shots per
>day to six is called progress???

seems you can always tell, when a non dm, makes such statements
those who have not felt that "wonderful" feeling of "shakin in ones shoes",
just cant understand taking inulin at 8:00 am, and having to deal with its 
ramifications, 4 - 6 hours later.

AFAIC, going from 2 shots a day, to 4-6, was,.... a .... a blessing.....
(it was the first time, in 46 years, i DID NOT have to eat.. YES,..that WAS 
(IS) progress)

"May i continue "rigamarolin'" for the next 53 years......

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