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[IP] Support, or Lack Thereof, for Support Groups

Hello Boneafido,

> I  must admit that I was the one who was bashing desitronic. I believe I am
> justified for the bashing and I will try to explain for the last time.
Disetronic > was great to me and their tech support was always there. They
> pumps at the drop of hat when there was a major problem, and so I am
> greatful for the company introducing me to my first pump.What I am upset >
with is the new company taking over Disetronic.When Roach was not able > to
sell the pumps in the U.S. they fired all the sales staff and said that they
> would not be able to support the support groups. I thought that if they had
> planned to introduce a new pump in a year or so that to keep their hands in
> the pot with good will and  help defray the 25.00 dollar room rental every
> other month from Sept. thru June. I guess the lack of good will is what is
so > disappointing.

I believe the new owners of Disetronic, Roche (not Roach, or were you trying
to be funny) are justified in what they did.

I'm a pumper, my support group also lost Disetronic's support, I've been using
Disetronic pumps for almost 9 years and I'm disappointed that Disetronic was
unable to work out their paper work problems with the FDA. Three close
friends, of mine, who were Disetronic field reps lost their jobs which I
greatly regret.

However, companies are in business to make money, and for Disetronic to
dismiss its field reps, which have no products to sell, at least for a year or
more, makes valid business sense.  This is to the advantage of Roche and its
investors, or they would not have done it.

I'm going to keep using my Disetronic D-Tron Plus pump well into the future
and I expect the continued good service I've always had.  However, I
personally believe that it is problematic whether the new, American made, pump
will be called a Disetronic or a Roche pump.  It doesn't really matter, it
will undoubted be a desirable pump and Roche already has a large sales force
selling diabetes products..

"Roche Diagnostics is the global leader in diabetes care, with total sales of
$1,932 million US dollars and a growth rate of 14% in local currencies (2002).
Roche Diabetes Care is the market leader in blood glucometers. Its main
products are the Accu-ChekT family of blood glucose meters and test strips"
from a Roche financial report.

As far as the $30 to $50 dollars a month support, it is almost a non-issue,
and would be totally so, if the Insulin Pump Support Group went to a free
meeting place.  MiniMed's local rep has attended our meetings and provided
additional support for some time.  For this we are grateful, but the real
leader of our group is a CDE who moderates our meetings, sends out notices,
etc. out of the goodness of her heart.

To repeat myself, we miss our Disetronic rep, but we have no hard feels
towards Disetronic's for not sending money, when they no longer have anyone to
send in person.

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