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Re: [IP] RE: My Reply/90 day trials

I remember my kids' school principal calling me into the office to find out 
if there was trouble in my marriage, because my two young children had both 
reported us fighting in the bedroom!

I explained that my husband was diabetic!

"I don't know if you know about diabetes . . . . "

The principal mentally hit himself on the forehead and said, "My mother was 
a diabetic!"

What are the chances, eh?

He more or less apologized!

Hey, all you abused women out there who want to hide the fact that you are 
abused!  Tell whoever asks that your husband is a diabetic!  . . . Just a 

Just before we got the pump, I was afraid to leave my husband alone for any 
length of time at all!  That's how bad the brittleness was and how quick and 
without warning the severe lows would come on!

>>I have wondered what life was like for diabetics before glucose monitoring 
>>devices and pumps if they had hypoglycemia often and were presented no 
>>signs to their spouses.  It does give one pause for thought.  Oh, well,we 
>>shouldn't go back!  We should turn the page! We must go forward.
>To some, it was HELL
>I remember the "battles" my mother had with my father.when he went hypo.  
>It was hard on him, but she had the real physical challenge in dealing with 
>him when we weren't around.   As if having 5 sons wasn't hard enough, she 
>had the "stubborn older child" that she had to take care of.  All of that 
>to deal with when she only stood 5'2"    She was, and will always be, a 
>GIANT to me.  I only wish she could have had the help with my father that a 
>pump has given me.    :>)
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