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RE: [IP] Educating the Public? Insulin Pills

>Insulin Pills?  HA!  That's one of my biggest peeves!  "Can't you just
>take insulin pills, like my friend (or relative) does?"
>Or this, when they mean well: "I know you can't have sweets."
>Antonio in Los Angeles
>Dx Type 1 1993 @ Age 27
>Paradigm 512
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>Subject: [IP] Educating the Public?
>Has everyone been seeing a rash of diabetes-related articles in their
>newspapers as a result of November being Diabetes Awareness Month?  Our
>yesterday had an okay article about a child with type 1, but the
>photo caption read:
>"Alexander tests his blood sugar levels at his home in Killeen.  A low
>reading could mean he'll need an insulin shot, or something to eat."
>Last week, the paper featured someone with type 2, and the same writer
>  mentioned that the person had started out on insulin pills when first
>No wonder people are confused!
>Pam Moore
>Mom to Robert, 16, dx 9/99
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I think people once were told not to have sweets, not to have juice, except 
to treat a low.  My husband has had one piece of cake with icing since I've 
known him.  He used to eat ice cream a fair bit, but dropped that one when 
he developed cholesterol problems.

People on two shots a day or even multiple injection therapy are confused by 
the pump, you know!  Even some doctors probably don't prescribe it because 
they think it's too technical.

How many diabetics and caregivers of diabetics just can't be bothered with 
all the rigamarole that goes into the pump?

As a Canadian doctor said on a site last night:  Going from two shots per 
day to six is called progress???

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