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RE: [IP] Alcohol Consumption

I have to agree with that.  From my experience dry red wines (0's) are best
for me.  I usually have one or 2 glasses with dinner (or while making
dinner) 3-4 times a week and I never have a problem with my BG going high.
If anything there will be a tendency to go low hours later.  I have yet to
find a good dry white that does not effect my BG.  ...prefer reds anyway.
Mixed drinks (cocktails etc.) do not work well with my BG.  And diet tonic
just taste strange.  So if we are out with friends (especially with the
holidays fast approaching), I tend to stick to a couple glasses of dry red
and I'm fine.

That being said.....  In my 20's I did have a serious low (full seizure and
all that goes with it) caused by alcohol consumption the night before.  I
woke up in hospital with an IV and feeling awful.    My BG did not even drop
that low, but apparently the speed at which it drop around noon the
following day triggered the seizure.  I ended up going through a barrage of
testing and had my driver's licence suspended for about 4 months.  I never
understood that, as the incident happened while walking.  It was not a fun
addition to our vacation and trust me I learned a lesson!

NO ONE is perfect.  Personally as long as I know how alcohol effects me, and
I drink responsibly, I am comfortable having a few glasses.

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Dry wines have no perceivable sugar and for most of us will not increase bg
levels.  In sweeter wines, either all of the sugar has not been fermented to
alcohol or there has been some sugar added and therefore there is a residual
sugar content that may increase bg levels.  A few of the more um popular
wines, even though they may seem relatively dry, may contain *natural
flavors*.  This is presumably something that has a carbohydrate content,
perhaps grape juice.  Then again, as you said, YMMV.

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MiniMed 507 - 1998
Interesting. All the books and everything talk about the danger of alcohol
lowering your blood sugar.

Whenever I've had a drink--and I never have more than one, and with a
mealif I'm appropriately bolused and everything...my blood sugar will shoot
up to about 400 and stay there for several hours.

Just experienced this yesterday, actually, from a glass (ok, maybe a glass
and a half) of white wine.

YMMV in very big letters...
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