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[IP] E3s and acceptable deviations

not to be a told-ya-so-kind-of person, but I think Wayne Mitzner "told 
 everyone so" back when they introduced the 512 pump/meter combo....pairing it
that piece of crap (in my opinion) meter was a big mistake.  MNMD would have 
 been better served by getting together with a meter that has less
the Ultra.  hell, even the Profile, with its 45 second wait time was more 
 reliable than the BD...and certainly better in my expereince than the Exactech,
 Qid and Freestyle. NOT that an FDA acceptable standard dedviation of 18-20% is
anything to be "proud" of...i still think it is a WASTE of money to keep 
 coming out with newer and fancier meters....Why not ONE meter that has, say, an
 standard deviation of 5%. For god's sake if they can aim those missles right at
the center of what they want to hit, and how to train a laser on a 
 microscopic blood vessel in your eye without frying your brain, you'd THINK
they could
figure out a way to get an accurate blood glucose measurement. 

Sara SP
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