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Re: [IP] unwanted prescription drug emails

>  > At 8:51 PM -0800 11/21/03, Lisa A Felton wrote:
>  > >get. Even checking sites that are linked to on the IP site will 
>send out the
>>  >cookie crumbs letting them know I'm here for the asking...
>>  >Lisa Ann
>>  The cookies may let them know that you are but
>>  unless you have entered your email address info in a data cookie,
>>  they will not know you from much less what address
>>  to send an email to.
>Sorry, but most of the newer browsers report your email to the web
>site you hit if you are using the browsers email functions. The email
>addy is included as part of the reponse header by the helpful folks
>as Microsloth.
>email @ redacted

Microsloth??  Is that the fine company that gives crooks a Passport 
to your identity?    ;>)

Better off using a Navigator (without email) to get around the jungle 
out there.  If going through it instead, try a Safari.  But if all 
that leaves you light-headed and singing, don't forget the Opera!

Internet Exasperator 6.0???   Passport please!      ;>P

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