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[IP] Cozmo Bolus Calculator Allows Individual Setting of How Long Insulin Works


One would think that something like this that makes so much sense, would
be included, but I've already talked to MM and it's not.  So goes the
thinking of MM.  I've actually been doing fine for years without any
help with my calculations.  I just thought that it might be nice to have
some more precision in making correction calculations.  However, the MM
pump seems to do them worse than I can do myself.  I'm actually in the
process of trying to get the Nipro Amigo before the end of the year.
Although it does not have a "Bolus Wizard", it satisfies my basic
requirement of wanting a pump that looks like and can be worn like a
pager.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the Cozmo designers chose
not to make it symmetrical.  Thus, I wouldn't be able to wear it the way
I like.

Thanks for letting me know this, however.  It will come in handy when I
make recommendations to people because I can let them know that the
COZMO DOES have this capability.  I wish people on IP were more
interested in discussing the nuances of each pump, like this, so that
others could make more informed choices.  In my opinion, the avoidance
of "pump wars" has gotten out of hand, to the point that people are
reticent to discuss the likes AND dislikes about their pump.



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with the cozmo, you can tell it "how long, insulin LAST. for you"
id be surprised, if the 512, did not include the same "choice"
9seems so YMMV, i just cant imagine, they wouldnt have that capability

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